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What’s new in Sybiz 22?

One of the biggest lessons that companies have learned over the recent years is the value of connection: an interconnected business, an interconnected workforce, and a strong connection to your clients and customers.  

As companies had to deal with the disconnect and distance brought about by the pandemic, ERP systems and other digital tools became essential in bridging the gaps.  

After the success of Sybiz 21, Sybiz 22 continues on this track, focusing on helping businesses connect on another level and improving their features to provide an integrated and seamless way of working. 

Connecting your bank feeds 

Among the major developments to Sybiz 22 is the exciting Bank Feeds function. Through this feature business can save time from cashbook reconciliation by automating their cashbook processing.  

After securely linking bank accounts to the system, companies can process and match transactions done in the cashbook to the bank statement. They can also create transactions that appear on the bank statement in the cashbook.  

Connecting your workforce 

The demands of the workforce are changing and employers need to support these changes with tools that will empower employees to do their best work.  

Workforce management tools and employee self-service (ESS) portals have been on the rise as more employees want to be in control of their personal data and the way they work.  

Sybiz 22 is fully prepared to meet these needs with their improved timesheet management systems that simplify the process for both employees and managers, as well as mobile ESS portals that provide better visibility, flexibility, and a more personalised experience to its users.   

Connecting your system through Web API 

On this new version, Sybiz has completed the system’s Web API capabilities. The Web API is the framework responsible for connecting your ERP system to different devices such as tablets, smartphones, point of sale machines, and more.   

It’s also through the web API that you can integrate your system with other third-party software that you may have a specific need for. Overall, the web API expands the possibilities for your ERP system.  

Connecting through mobile 

With Sybiz 22’s range of mobile applications, your ERP system is at the palm of your hand.  

These applications include a sales solution perfect for representatives on-the-go, a stock management solution ideal for bustling warehouse operations, and much more.  Here’s a full list of mobile solutions for Sybiz 22:    

Excited to get a more comprehensive look at Sybiz 22? You can watch the recent Sybiz 22 webinar below:


This is just the beginning for Sybiz 22. Stay tuned for more information on the full power of this ERP system as we share more articles, posts, and news about the latest version in the coming weeks.   

For a more extensive list of Sybiz 22 features, you may visit this product resource page. If you’re in need of Sybiz support, please reach out to us at 


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