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Sybiz Vision 21 Updates Explained

A simple explainer on the recent updates of Sybiz Vision 21 with a run-down on this ERP system’s key features and improvements

Sybiz recently launched its newest version, Sybiz Vision 21 with many intelligent enhancements and features. With its latest update, Sybiz 21 prompts companies to embrace a world of change and create new possibilities by focusing on connectivity, flexibility and a more personalised ERP experience. According to the ERP software company, “Sybiz 21 is leaning into the fundamental aspects of our work and personal lives that have become so vital at this moment, helping your whole team to excel.”

For some bus-owners, going through these new features may be overwhelming. This is why the AlphaBiz Team is here to simplify the process and explain what these updates mean for your business.

In the Sybiz Vision Product Roadmap, the focus areas for 2021 are Web API, Mobility, and Retail. True enough, Sybiz has come through on its word with developments focused on the power of connectivity in technology. Here’s what’s new in Sybiz 21:

What is Web API?

First off, what is Web API? Web API is the framework that provides external systems with secure access to Sybiz Vision 21. By improving this framework, data can flow safely and smoothly from Sybiz Vision to other systems such as third-party solutions, online solutions, and mobile devices or tablets. Sybiz 21 has a next-level Web API that makes it easier for businesses to build on their current ERP systems.

Specialized mobile solutions for Sales and Employee Self-Service

In line with its prioritisation of mobility and retail management for the coming year, Sybiz 21 comes with a two-in-one solution that addresses both concerns through Visions Sales – a mobile application where employees can generate sales orders and manage quotes. With its intuitive user interface that’s optimized for online and offline responsiveness, employees can now quick, real-time, and accurate service to customers. Many convenient functions include being able to call, email, print wirelessly, and even get directions to customer locations all with a single tap.

A versatile Point of Sale solution featuring support for multistore, multi-lane retail sales with offline capability so that sales can continue if the internet connection is down.

Sybiz Vision Sales mobile app

While Visions Sales is designed specifically for employees in that department, the Sybiz ESS app empowers the entire workforce. The Employee Self-Service (ESS) application, is a mobile solution that provides employees to gain better control of their personal data and reduce administration and manual filing. Through the app, employees can apply for leaves, review leave balances, and access their payroll slips.

Managers can also have additional functionalities set up on their ESS app for easy viewing, and approval of leave requests, as well as the organisation of leave schedules. All these changes are immediately reflected on the accounts of employees.

Greater control and customisation

Sybiz has gone through great lengths to ensure that they deliver on the focus areas they planned for their latest update, but they have also gone above and beyond with enhancements across the board to improve productivity and streamline everyday tasks.

For its newest version, there is greater control and customisation across a variety of functions. One of the elements of the system where this improved control can be seen is its new versatile mass emailing options where users can send and receive email from a dedicated account or easily switch from generic addresses to personal addresses and vice and versa.

In terms of customisation, there are helpful upgrades to the Custom Fields across Sybiz Vision 21. Custom fields can now be created with clickable links email addresses, files on the local network, and websites and other web-based resources. They can also be set to editable, visible, or read-only. The read-only fields can display dynamic information for greater database analysis while there are hidden fields that can secure deeper analytical data.

This year has taught businesses the importance of adaptability and technology in keeping us all connected. With these lessons in mind, Sybiz is encouraging us to lean into the challenges of the current climate and make use of the best tools to excel in this new environment with a business management solution at the centre of your operations.

So, what’s stopping you from updating to Sybiz 21? According to Sybiz, apart from the new functionalities, “Updating also means staying on top of hardware requirements, meeting compliance regulations, and protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats. Properly securing the financial solution that drives your operational performance every day should be a primary consideration for every business.”

In case you need assistance with upgrading your ERP solution to Sybiz 21, the AlphaBiz team is ready to answer inquiries or help with updates. Subscribe to the AlphaBiz Newsletter for news on Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay.

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