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Sybiz 21’s newest versions

Earlier this year, Sybiz launched Sybiz 21, developing new functionalities that improved connectivity, flexibility, and personalisation to help businesses cope and embrace the changes of the post-pandemic landscape.

We even went into full detail about the new features within the system in an explainer blog post.

Now, further into the year, more enhancements and features have been rolled out both in Sybiz Vision and in Sybiz Visipay.

What’s new in Sybiz Vision 21.11?

There are a lot of new things to discover in Sybiz Vision 21.11 that were designed to create a simpler, quicker, and better user experience.

New Purchase Invoice Functionalities

With Sybiz 21.11, users have better control over creating purchase invoices with features like the Total Adjustment functionality which allows them to adjust the total cost across an invoice.

Total Adjustment.

Generating purchase invoices can also be done in Purchase Requisitions. In the Purchase Requisition Management grid, you can right-click on the approved purchase order line and choosing the “Create Purchase Invoice” button.

Approved Requisition Order.


Grid improvements

When you open standards grids within the system, you’ll now be able to perform different tasks such as saving state settings and filter options and reviewing the total amounts of multiple and grouped lines that are selected.

What’s new in Sybiz Visipay 21.10?

For the updates on Sybiz Visipay 21.10, it’s all about providing the most convenient experience for the workforce and providing them with the most effective tools for self-service.

Easy timesheet management

Sybiz Visipay now allows employees to enter, approve, and import timesheets with just a few clicks.

The payroll team can also customise their settings to simplify tasks.  Now, the team can oversee time and attendance more easily because employees have better control over their timesheets.

New & improved ESS portal and app

Sybiz Visipay is taking ESS (Employee Self-Service) to the next level with a more modern-looking and intuitive ESS portal and mobile app.

As part of its more functional and responsive design, the ESS portal improves user experience with varying screen resolutions and font sizes.

The ESS mobile app also further personalises the workforce self-service experience with functions that allow employees to manage leaves, review payslip history, and more.

And new helpful features are also extended to the approval manager, making it the all-in-one leave management mobile solution.

Check out the full list of updates on the links below:

Upgrade from Sybiz Classic to Sybiz 21 at discounted prices

Sybiz recently announced that they will be ending their support for legacy systems on 31 December 2021, providing assistance only for version 12 onwards.

Now, they’re offering to help businesses upgrade to its latest version at discounted prices until 30 September 2021.  The best part is that the sooner a business upgrade, the bigger the discount.

Register here to avail of the discount and discover all that the latest Sybiz has to offer.

If you have any questions and clarifications about the upgrade promo and the latest features of Sybiz 21, the AlphaBiz team is ready to answer your inquiries at or at 08 9277 2226.

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