Wage Easy

A system that simplifies your HR & payroll processes

Wage Easy’s payroll and HRM software system is easy to use, intuitive and synchronised with your employees’ human resources data. Featuring a powerful timesheet driven award interpretation function, Wage Easy simplifies the process of paying your employees.

Wage Easy is a modular payroll and HRM software system that grows with your business, meaning a number of additional modules can also be added to meet your changing requirements as your workforce increases. Here are some modules you can add to your system:

  • Wage Easy Employee Services Portal (ESP)
  • Remote and Online Timesheets
  • Easy Business Analyser
  • Express Super

You can access more information on these system enhancements in the product resources below

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrate your General Ledger or accounting software with its system to reduce manual processing errors
  • Exchange data between third-party business systems such as time and attendance, rostering, clock card, and point of sale systems
  • Keep and record employee data such as contact details, work history, employment conditions, and skills and performance
  • Automate payroll-related email blasts such as pay advice and payment summaries to your employees
  • Improve decision-making on payroll & HR management concerns with user-friendly interface for easy retrieving and creation of reports
  • Generate reports on payroll, human resources, accounting and more with a few clicks
  • Software updates to reflect the regulatory, legislative and tax changes
  • Automatic superannuation contribution calculations for each employee
  • Configure a built-in award interpreter in accordance with modern Awards and EBAs

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Product Resource

Learn more about the technology your business needs to make your company stay ahead with these downloadable factsheets.


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