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Microsoft Power BI leads among business intelligence platforms in 2021 survey

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Business intelligence and data analytics continue to shape the way businesses operate and move towards their goals.   

In an article that we wrote on the rise of business intelligence and data analytics during the pandemic, we cited that 55% of companies use these technologies to increase efficiency, 45% rely on them to predict business outcomes, and 47% utilize the data to improve customer experience.    

With a greater reliance on these platforms comes increased demand, and businesses also want to know which is the best of the best.  

This is why Forrester recently released The Forrester Wave™: Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021 – a guide that evaluated 15 vendors for their current offering, strategy, and market presence.  

At the top of the leaderboard is Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools – such as immersive dashboards and reports – that help decision-makers to plan their next moves based on insights.  

According to the report, It is hard not to consider Power BI as your top choice for an enterprise BI platform.” And below, we’re listing down some reasons why: 

  • Power BI is a free solution – While it does offer a premium version with more impressive features, those looking to experience the benefits of the software can avail of it free of charge.  
  • Power BI is part of Microsoft Office 360 or Microsoft Azure – Compatibility and integration become a non-issue for Microsoft Office 360 or Microsoft Azure users because it is already within this software ecosystem. 
  • Power BI offers a quick, fuss-free start – With Power BI, there is no need for a complex setup. There are dashboards already included for Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics.    

While Microsoft Power BI is a free solution, businesses often need assistance when it comes to migrating data, learning about all its features, training employees to become familiar with the platform, and more.  

This is where AlphaBiz Solutions come in.  

AlphaBiz Solutions can guide you in mastering Power BI, assist you in setting up datasets, reports, and other data visualization, and offer consultation on how to improve your user experience.  

Contact the AlphaBiz Team to find out more about Power BI. 

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