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MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore Integration

MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore Integration

For construction businesses, keeping a streamlined flow of information between the office and the field is very important – a challenge that MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore integration aim to solve.

According to MYOB, “Every decision you make in the field is closely tied to accounting – and everything accounting decision needs heavy input from the field.”

MYOB Advanced Construction is a financial solution with business management capabilities. On the other hand, Procore is an industry-leading construction management platform.

When combined, these two make for a powerful tandem that seamlessly shares and syncs your accounting and project data to and from your office and your construction sites.

Through this integration, employees can easily access and export records between MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore for your customers, vendors, projects, cost codes, and more. Whatever changes happen on-site, the synchronisation also ensures that all data is up-to-date.

As a result, employees can make quicker and smarter decisions because of better access and control over their project and financial data.

The Benefits of MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore Integration

View projects in real-time

With all project data easily updated in real-time on both platforms, businesses can expect an improvement in the communication and collaboration between the field and office.

Save time

Tired of inefficient processes that take up too much of your team’s time? This integration can reduce the back-and-forth of approvals for tasks such as subcontracts and purchase orders. The two systems also ensure that your construction jobs are on track when it comes to project timelines.

Eliminate costly errors

When their financial and project data are on separate platforms, employees manually consolidate the information which can often lead to costly errors.

By integrating your accounting system and project management platform, you reduce the risks of double entry. You also empower your team to make more accurate, informed decisions.

How does data flow between MYOB Advanced Construction and Procore?

So, how do data export and import work between the two systems? Here’s a breakdown of the flow of information from MYOB Advanced Construction to Procore.

Let AlphaBiz Solutions assist you with your integration

Existing MYOB Advanced Construction or Procure users may have additional questions regarding the integration. Below, we’ve got some resources that might help you better understand the two systems and the process.


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