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MYOB Advanced API: Building connection to your mailing platform

Save time by automatically syncing your contacts from your ERP system to your email marketing platform. Learn more about how MYOB Advanced API easily connects your MYOB Advanced system to mailing platforms.

In our previous article, we discussed establishing an integration process that will help you import your contacts from MYOB Advanced to Mailchimp or any other email marketing platform without the need for back-end support or coding.

However, for businesses looking to save time and increase efficiency, making the most out of the MYOB Advanced API can eliminate this additional process by automatically syncing your contact database to any mailing platform.

So, what is API? API or Application Programming Interface is software that allows connection and communication between two applications. According to an article by AltexSoft, “An API is a set of programming code that enables data transmission between one software product and another. It also contains the terms of this data exchange.”

The MYOB Advanced API is the product’s development framework that allows you to enrich and extend the functionalities of your MYOB system. Through this customisation framework, businesses can build apps or connect to software that complements the product.

To get started on building your MYOB Advanced system through API, you first need to seek accredited MYOB Advanced API developers to work on the job. AlphaBiz Solutions has a team of developers to get you started on your integration.

Once you’ve chosen an accredited developer, all it takes is three simple steps to get coding:

Steps to integrating MYOB contacts to mailing platform with API:

1. Go to “Integration” in MYOB Advanced
2. Under the “Preferences” section of the “Integration” pop-up, choose “Webhooks”
3. Input the code with the conditions for which contacts will be synchronised

Example conditions:

  • If a new contact is created on MYOB Advanced, populate the same email contact card on Mailchimp
  • If contact details change on MYOB Advanced, automatically update on Mailchimp

Identifying the conditions is a vital step in this process. These rules may vary depending on the organisation because each business has its requirement and its segmentation of how they want to classify and group contacts.

Would you like to know more about MYOB Advanced API and the customised solutions which can be developed for your system? Contact the AlphaBiz Team and let us know how we can assist you.

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