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Simplify payroll with Workforce Management and MYOB Advanced integration

Are you facing challenges because of an inefficient payroll system?

We’ve seen the red flags often – paper forms that require double data entry, multiple spreadsheets, disconnected systems, or a manual process that takes days to finish.

Luckily, with MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, HR and payroll administrators have less to worry about. Because Workforce Management is seamlessly integrated to the MYOB Advanced payroll module, all the important data such as timesheets and leaves flow in one platform making the pay run much smoother.

There are so many reasons to upgrade to an integrated payroll system and for now, we’re focusing on why you should be making the switch to MYOB Advanced Workforce Management.

Benefits of MYOB Advanced Workforce Management for Payroll

1. Accurate and updated timesheets and leaves

Through the solution’s ESS features, employees can easily clock in and out, and apply for leaves. Managers can also conveniently approve timesheets and leave requests with just a few clicks, helping keep timesheet and leave data updated as quickly as possible.

2. Improved visibility on payroll information

This improved visibility works for both employees and payroll managers. Employees can view their pay slips and YTD, while payroll administrators can check the breakdown of the pay for each employee to ensure that allowances and awards are correctly applied.

3. Automatic integration to MYOB Advanced People

With MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, there is no need to import and export files from one solution to the payroll system.

Once all the information is validated, payroll administrators simply need to choose “Add to pay run” for the data to be integrated into the payroll module. By finalising the pay run, all timesheets are transmitted to MYOB Advanced People for review.

Watch a step-by-step walkthrough of the product in the video below:

Experience a stress-free and streamlined payroll process with the help of MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. For questions on the product or to book a demo, please reach out to our team.

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