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Tapping into the possibilities of Mobile ERP Systems

Are you ready for business control at the palm of your hand? More and more businesses are relying on Mobile ERP systems and here’s why.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have come a long way from when this technology was first developed. What was once housed in an office computer, strictly on-site, is now easily accessible anywhere through cloud technology. Now things are being taken a notch higher with the rise of Mobile ERP Systems.

In a white paper entitled “Supporting Workplace Mobility with ERP” by Sage, a survey conducted by CDW was cited with the following results:

“752 companies almost unanimously (94 per cent) said they believe their mobile devices make them more efficient. What’s more, 89 per cent of business employees use personal mobile devices for work and over two-thirds (67 per cent) said their companies would lose competitive ground without those devices.”

With the workforce becoming heavily reliant on mobile technologies, business management and ERP systems need to be just as agile. In our highly interconnected world, business data can no longer be confined to office desktops.

We previously crafted an article on the value of mobile ERP systems for the mining and mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) sector, however, all industries can benefit from these innovations. Whether you plan on using mobile applications designed by ERP developers as an extension of its systems or mobile resource planning software itself, here are some of the advantages of going mobile:

  • Improved data access and data capture – Through a mobile ERP system, business data flows smoothly and seamlessly, ensuring that information within the system is always up-to-date. Data can be accessed on the go and can also be captured just as easily with auto-synchronization.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity – Workflows are also streamlined, which makes for a more efficient and productive process.
  • Improved quality of service – With information at the palm of their hands, employees are also able to quickly address the needs of clients and customers, allowing them to provide better service and strengthen their business connections.
  • Business intelligence and informed decision making – The auto-sync can provide decision-makers with the real-time and accurate progress of the workforce that can be used for more extensive business intelligence purposes. While those using the mobile system can make more well-informed decisions because data is at the tip of their fingers.
  • Exclusive mobile features and functionality – Designed with responsiveness in mind, mobile applications have extra designs, features, and functionalities that are unique to smartphones such as geo-tagging, fingerprint scanning, or facial recognition.

Some of the major ERP software companies in Australia, like MYOB Advanced and Sybiz Vision, already offer a plethora of mobile applications for their ERP systems.

MYOB Advanced goes mobile

For MYOB Advanced, many tasks can be done with a tap on the screen through MYOB Advanced On The Go – a mobile app that allows activities such as expense tracking, task management, and approvals to be done anytime, anywhere.

While the MYOB Advanced mobile app is user-friendly and intuitive, some industries require add-ons that provide solutions to their specific needs.  Luckily, there’s a whole world of industry-focused mobile apps that MYOB Advanced can seamlessly integrate with. There are multiple mobile solutions for niche industries such as TOKN for the manufacturing sector or Opmetrix for E-commerce, and many more you can choose from the MYOB Advanced app market.

In the coming months, MYOB Advanced is set to release some new functionalities for workforce management. So, stay tuned and we’ll share what exciting new features are in store.

Sybiz Vision is smart device-ready

Then there’s Sybiz Vision with its own set of mobile applications. The release of the Sybiz Vision 21 at the end of 2020 also welcomed the Vision Sales app – a mobile app dedicated to the generation and processing of quotes and orders.

Now, there’s the Vision Stock app which optimizes warehouse operations, allowing paperless stock takes and sales picks and easier finding and filtering of items through its barcode scanner.  Another new product is the Vision Purchase app that enables users to begin a purchasing process from anywhere.

Empowering a workforce on the go is the future of the business landscape, especially as we continue navigating the post-pandemic reality.

Are you looking for an ERP provider in Western Australia to help you tap into the possibilities of mobile ERP systems? Contact the AlphaBiz Team to learn more.

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