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Maximise ERP Efficiency with Velixo

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations and data management, Velixo stands out as a beacon of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. Inspired by the insights shared by Chris Millard from Alchemex in an enlightening 2-hour workshop on October 3, 2023, this blog aims to delve deeper into the transformative capabilities of Velixo when integrated with MYOB Advanced ERP.

Chris, with his years of experience helping businesses succeed, guided us through real-world applications and case studies, demonstrating how mid-marker SMEs to large and complex companies are leveraging Velixo to gain a comprehensive view of their operations through MYOB Advanced.

With the robust capabilities of MYOB Advanced, businesses have access to a wealth of data, allowing for precise trend analysis, informed decision-making, and accurate forecasting.
The workshop was not just a learning experience but a vibrant gathering of curious minds, all eager to understand how Velixo can streamline and enhance various organizational processes. The energy in the room was palpable, filled with dynamic discussions and thought-provoking questions, truly making it a game-changing event.

In our blog, we’ll delve into the key insights from the workshop. We’ll highlight Velixo as a trusted partner for business owners and decision-makers. It promotes a sustainable, productive work environment.

Why Velixo?

Velixo dashboard - ERP efficiency

Velixo transcends the conventional boundaries of data management tools, establishing itself as a vital business ally. By forging a direct integration with MYOB Advanced, it transforms Microsoft Excel into a formidable reporting tool.
It ensures that your data is not only up-to-date but also accurate and trustworthy. This synergy empowers users to make well-informed decisions with a newfound confidence.

1. Security Flows to Reports

Security flows to reports

In today’s digital-centric world, safeguarding data is of utmost importance. Velixo stands as a bastion of security, ensuring that the stringent security protocols of MYOB Advanced are seamlessly extended to your Excel reports.
This guarantees the protection of your data, upholding the principles of confidentiality and integrity at all times.

2. All Data Can be Extracted – Most Written Back Too

Velixo distinguishes itself through its unparalleled versatility. It grants users the capability to comprehensively extract data from MYOB Advanced, while also providing the unique ability to write back modifications.
This bidirectional data flow is crucial for maintaining synchronization across your systems, bolstering both data consistency and reliability.

3. Drilldown to Base Data and Writeback of Attachments

Drilldown to Base Data and Writeback of Attachments

Velixo delves deep, offering users the capability to drill down to the base data for a more detailed and nuanced understanding. In addition, it supports the writeback of attachments, ensuring that all pertinent information is meticulously captured and readily accessible.

4. Excel Skills

With Velixo, your pre-existing Excel skills are not just utilized; they are enhanced. It enables the creation of intricate reports and analyses, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel.
This ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, making sophisticated data management accessible to all.

5. Simple Licensing

Transparency and simplicity are at the core of Velixo’s offering. It provides clear and straightforward licensing options, ensuring that users have access to all the necessary features without any hidden fees or unnecessary complications.

6. Odata vs API Access

Velixo is committed to efficiency. In contrast to the slower and more cumbersome direct OData access, Velixo ensures swift and seamless interactions with your data through API access, significantly enhancing your data management experience.

7. You Can Use It

Designed with the end-user in mind, Velixo is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no extensive technical expertise. This ensures that it is accessible to a wide audience, empowering individuals across various domains to harness the full potential of their data.

Common Problems that Velixo Solves

Common problems

Velixo stands out as a remarkable problem solver, meticulously designed to tackle a plethora of challenges that businesses commonly face in their operational workflows. Here’s a comprehensive list of issues that Velixo addresses to ensure a smoother, more efficient, and more secure business operation:

Data Inconsistency

Velixo eradicates the issue of data inconsistency by providing real-time synchronization between Excel and MYOB Advanced. This ensures that the data you work with is always current and accurate, eliminating discrepancies and fostering trust in your data.

Time-Consuming Reporting

Traditional reporting methods can be tedious and time-consuming. Velixo transforms this process, allowing for swift and dynamic report generation directly within Excel, significantly reducing the time spent on creating reports.

Complex Data Analysis

Velixo simplifies the complexity of data analysis by leveraging familiar Excel functionalities. This makes it easier to perform in-depth analyses, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Security Concerns

With Velixo, security is never compromised. It extends MYOB Advanced robust security protocols to Excel, ensuring that your data is protected at all times.

Limited Data Accessibility

Velixo enhances data accessibility, providing users with the ability to extract and interact with a wide range of data from MYOB Advanced. This ensures that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Inefficient Data Management

By enabling bidirectional data flow, Velixo streamlines data management processes, ensuring that any changes made in Excel are reflected in MYOB Advanced, and vice versa. This enhances efficiency and ensures data consistency.

Lack of Real-Time Insights

Velixo provides real-time access to your data, allowing for instant analyses and reporting. This ensures that you can make timely and informed decisions, staying ahead in the fast-paced business environment.

Dependency on IT Support

With its user-friendly interface and reliance on familiar Excel functionalities, Velixo reduces the dependency on IT support, empowering users to take control of their data management and reporting.

Data Overload

Velixo helps in managing large volumes of data, providing tools and functionalities to filter, sort, and analyze data efficiently, ensuring that you can focus on what truly matters.

Challenges in Collaboration

By enhancing the accessibility and accuracy of data, Velixo fosters a collaborative environment, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and working towards common goals.

Creating Efficiencies – Tools

Creating Efficiencies – Tools

Having the right tools at your disposal is paramount for operational excellence. Velixo stands out as a game-changer in this domain, offering a suite of powerful and intuitive tools designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your reporting capabilities.

  • Easy Access Ribbons: Velixo integrates seamlessly into Excel, adding a dedicated ribbon that puts all its powerful tools and functions at your fingertips. This ensures that you can access what you need, when you need it, without any unnecessary navigation or complexity.
  • Intellisense Makes Life Simple: Velixo simplifies formula creation and report generation with Intellisense, guiding you through the process and ensuring that you can focus on analysis rather than syntax.
  • Dynamic & 3-Dimensional Reporting: With Velixo, your reporting is not just dynamic; it’s three-dimensional. It provides a holistic view of your data, ensuring that you can glean insights from every angle and aspect of your business operations.
  • Access to Extensive Standard Functions: Velixo is rich in functionality, offering a wide array of standard functions that empower you to analyze and report on your data with precision and ease.
  • Generic Functions – All Data Access: Velixo’s generic functions ensure that you have access to all your data, providing a flexible and comprehensive reporting solution tailored to your business needs.
  • Automated Distribution: Velixo automates the distribution of reports, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information at the right time, enhancing communication and decision-making across your organization.

Powerful Applications

Leveraging the right applications can make all the difference. Velixo stands out as a robust tool, offering a suite of powerful applications designed to optimize various facets of your business operations.

Direct OData to Excel – Slow & Clunky! (Replenishment)

Velixo revolutionises the replenishment process, offering a swift and efficient solution that leaves the sluggish and cumbersome direct OData access in the dust or even worse off the time wasted with manual exports and data manipulations. This ensures that your inventory levels are always on point, keeping your operations running smoothly and effectively.

Populating and Using STAT/BUDGET Ledgers

Financial reporting becomes a breeze with Velixo. It streamlines the intricate process of populating and utilizing STAT/BUDGET ledgers, to compare actuals not only by financial figures but also numerical budgets and forecasting, for example, the number of new subscribtions or patients future forecasted month by month.

Velixo’s Writeback Feature

Velixo’s Writeback Feature

This feature stands out as a pivotal tool in maintaining data integrity and consistency across platforms. Velixo ensures a seamless two-way flow of information between your Excel spreadsheets and MYOB Advanced, guaranteeing that any changes or updates made in Excel are accurately reflected in MYOB Advanced, and vice versa.
This functionality eradicates the common issues of data discrepancies and delays in updates, which are prevalent when managing data across different platforms. With Velixo, the process of updating and maintaining data becomes a breeze, as it automates the synchronization, ensuring real-time accuracy and reliability.
This not only saves time but also significantly reduces the margin for error, leading to more confident decision-making and streamlined business operations.

Writing Back Stock Pricing and Adjustments

Managing your inventory is a critical aspect of business operations, and Velixo makes it easier than ever. It facilitates the quick and accurate writing back of stock pricing and adjustments, ensuring your inventory is consistently up-to-date and valued correctly.

Huge Efficiency Gains – Stocktake Process Automation

Velixo transforms the traditionally tedious task of inventory management by automating the stocktake process. This not only results in substantial efficiency gains but also ensures that your inventory is managed with utmost accuracy and effectiveness if you don’t have mobile warehouse management in place to carry out stocktake activities

Quoting from Excel & Writing Back

The sales process is streamlined with Velixo, enabling you to create quotes directly within Excel and seamlessly write back, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a smooth sales operation.

Freight Reconciliation

Velixo makes freight reconciliation a straightforward task, ensuring that your shipping costs are meticulously tracked and managed. This enhances both operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Writing Back Purchase Orders

Velixo optimizes your procurement process, allowing for the easy write- back of purchase orders and thus enhancing the efficiency of preparing long orders.

Mass Upload of Stock & Images

Time is of the essence in business, and Velixo understands that. It enables the mass upload of stock and images, ensuring that your product listings are not only comprehensive and up-to-date but also visually appealing and engaging.

Replenishment Report on Velixo

Velixo is changing the game in inventory management with its user-friendly Replenishment Report. It finds the sweet spot between having enough stock and keeping costs low. This tool integrates seamlessly with MYOB Advanced, providing real-time inventory insights. Additionally, it offers smart advice on optimal stock levels.
Velixo does more than analyze past sales; it predicts market trends and seasonal changes. This helps you stay a step ahead. Even if you’re not a data expert, the Replenishment Report is easy to use and helps you make smart choices.
It turns inventory management into a powerful tool for your business, cutting costs, boosting sales, and making customers happier. With Velixo, you’re not just running a business; you’re building a resilient and responsive powerhouse.

Transport Efficiency Report

Velixo’s Transport Efficiency Report provides a detailed analysis, helping you optimize routes, manage costs, and ensure timely deliveries. This tool boosts efficiency and effectiveness in transport processes. Consequently, it leads to improved resource utilization and customer satisfaction.

With this report, Velixo makes it easy to pinpoint areas for improvement in your logistics operations. It transforms complex transportation data into actionable insights, allowing even those with limited logistics experience to make informed decisions.
The outcome is a streamlined and cost-effective delivery process. Consequently, your business remains competitive in the logistics world.

Indepth Payroll & Human Resource Reporting and Analysis

Indepth Payroll & Human Resource Reporting and Analysis

Alchemex is renowned for its ability to transform data into meaningful reports. It provides businesses with the insights needed to make informed decisions. It excels in automating and scheduling reports, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information at the right time.
Chris has crafted an insightful BI report for workforce management. The report showcases a visual HR dashboard, including employee details and staff turnover data. Additionally, it covers FTE statistics, leave analysis, and financial breakdowns by cost center, expenses, and liabilities.

Seamless Integration with Velixo

With the integration Velixo to MYOB Advanced, creates a powerful Business Intelligence tool that enhances data accessibility and reporting capabilities. Velixo’s strength in providing real-time Excel-based reporting ensures that businesses have a comprehensive set of tools at their disposal.

Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Users can delve deeper into their data, creating more complex and detailed reports. It provides additional layers of analysis and visualization, making it easier to identify trends, patterns, and insights. This leads to a more thorough understanding of the business’s operations, enabling strategic decision-making.

User-Friendly Experience

Both Velixo and Alchemex are designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience. They require no extensive technical knowledge, making advanced reporting and data analysis accessible to all members of the organization.


Velixo stands out as a transformative tool, bridging the gap between Excel and MYOB Advanced. This tool provides a robust solution for businesses aiming to streamline their operations and drive success. Velixo is your go-to solution for improving reporting, simplifying inventory management, and gaining insights into transport operations.
Ready to transform your business operations and drive success? Contact us today to learn more about how Velixo can be your ally in business excellence.

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