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Mindsets on leading digital change from MYOB Un-Ltd Online

Leading Digital Change from MYOB Un-Ltd Online

Digital transformation continues to be a difficult process for many businesses. For some, the resolve starts strong but at some point, the willpower to continue to lead digital change wanes.  

This is an obstacle that Holly Ransom, CEO of Emergent, wants businesses to overcome.  

The author and internationally-known disruptor shared her expert advice to attendees of MYOB Un-Ltd Online, an event made to help businesses unleash their full potential and break down limitations through technology.  

Throughout her talk, Ransom was able to share relevant mindsets and practices that would help drive momentum for digitalisation among businesses. In this article, we’re listing down some of the key points from her discussion. 

Figure out the “Why?”, the “Why now?”, and the “Why not?” 

Sharing the why of your digital transformation with your employees is more important than just relaying what digital transformation is. Willpower can be a limited resource and when it wavers, leaders need something a little stronger – the why power, the purpose behind the change. 

The next question to ask after “Why?” is “Why now?” Businesses often fall behind on their goals because they don’t feel any sense of urgency.  

In her talk, Ransom cited that we humans are twice as sensitive to loss as we are to gain. With this in mind, it’s important to highlight not only the benefits of digital transformation but also what is at risk if a company doesn’t adapt.  

By not identifying the answer to this compelling question, companies miss opportunities and lose any chance at having that competitive edge. 

MYOB Un-Ltd Online Insights
Focus on your “Why Now” according to Holly Ransom, CEO of Emergent and keynote speaker of MYOB Un-Ltd Online

The last question is the “Why not?” Digital change will always be met with some resistance and that’s why it’s important to identify objections earlier on and to find out what will turn a “no” into a “yes”. 

Step out of your Comfort Zone and into your Courage Zone 

Digital change also calls for a leap from your comfort zone into your courage zone. Within the comfort zone are processes and tasks that have gotten us where we are now. But to take the business further, it’s all about doing things that have not been done before and accepting the discomfort that may come with it.  

“Whenever we’re talking about change and innovation, we’re naturally talking about doing things we haven’t done before.” 

To step into the courage zone, leaders must pinpoint key habits that are outside of the business’ wheelhouse and work towards applying them.  

Manage your workforce’s energy, not their time 

According to her research, Ransom shared 4 in 5 Australians are burnt out. This alarming reality proves that it is high time for businesses to find more sustainable ways of working. Digitalisation may be a key factor to achieving this.  

When adopting new digital strategies take note of what energizes the workforce. Both employees and employers should review the peaks of productivity and how the members of the company work to find out the best digital policies and processes to put in place.  

Some achieve this by: 

  1. Doing an energy audit 
  2. Establishing the building blocks of the workday 
  3. Setting microbreaks  

Being mindful and intentional about what invigorates the workforce can greatly change the way organisations can approach digital transformation.  

Small steps make a big difference 

Oftentimes businesses feel like they are too busy or unprepared to start with their digital change. Many of them fall for this false notion that there is a “perfect time” or that there are “perfect conditions” for digital transformation. 

However, there is no such thing. Instead of waiting for the perfect time or conditions, businesses should do the little things that they can now with the resources or the abilities that they have. By getting the ball rolling with small steps, you can build the momentum for your bigger plans.  

“Readiness is a mirage and our greatest ally when we’re working for change is momentum,” shared the MYOB Un-Ltd keynote speaker. 

Feeling inspired to begin your digital transformation journey? Contact our AlphaBiz consultants to find out the best next step and discover more about the solutions like MYOB Advanced, MYOB Exo, and Sybiz Vision.

If you’d like to access the full recording of MYOB Un-Ltd Online, this link will be accessible until November 10, 2021: 


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