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New technologies to improve workforce effectiveness

Your people can make or break your business. And when the workforce is given the right support and tools to be at their most effective, the rewards can be great for any company.  

In previous blog posts, we stated that employees are looking for solutions that mimic their user experience with other digital products. They now expect improved usability, speed, personalisation, interactivity, and integration from their work technologies.  

Luckily, current ERP systems and workforce management solutions are rising to the challenge. New systems like MYOB Advanced Workforce Management have been developed to help employees perform at their best. 

No matter the size of your company, workforce management systems are playing a greater role in improving productivity because they ensure that all administrative tasks are running smoothly, allowing your employees to focus on their most important work.  

People management solutions like MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, optimise onboarding, simplify shift scheduling and rostering, and streamline leave and timesheet approval. 

Here’s how these solutions improve workforce effectiveness: 

  1. They centralise data – Employee records, attendance, payroll information, and all of these documents will be accessible on one platform.  
  2. They streamline HR and administrative processes – Because the information needed for HR tasks such as payroll, shift or leave management is all found within the system, these processes run much more smoothly.  
  3. They automate tasks – The intuitive features of these solutions ensure that tasks such as payroll or leave approval can be done with just a few clicks.  
  4. They ensure compliance with the latest tax policies – These technologies update automatically according to the latest ATO policies.  
  5. They improve communication and collaboration – All employees have access to the same information which ensures clear communication and collaboration.   
  6. They analyze workforce performance – With built-in dashboards and reporting functionalities, managers and employers can analyze workforce performance better.   

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management is a modern solution that simplifies HR and payroll-related processes, eliminating manual intervention and costly workarounds.   

Accessible anytime anywhere, for desktop or mobile, it is a solution that’s intuitive and easy to learn so that employees can easily access their data. The list of its features is down below:  

  • Onboarding  
  • Smart Rostering  
  • Shift Assignments  
  • Full-employee self-service portal  
  • Timesheet 
  • Reports  

If you’re interested in implementing MYOB Advanced Workforce Management or are in need of MYOB Advanced support, AlphaBiz Solutions is ready to answer your questions at 

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