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Speed up reporting with helpful Velixo functions

Velixo Reporting functionss

Because of the scalability and flexibility of ERP systems, add-on solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your solution. Among these add-on solutions are special reporting software such as Velixo.  

Velixo is an excel-based reporting tool that was developed specifically for MYOB Advanced. All ERP data is collected and connected to your Excel Spreadsheets, ensuring that information is consistent and up-to-date and eliminating the need for manual exports, consolidation between separate documents, and re-entering of data.  

Velixo developers are constantly innovating their products and responding to requests for new functions to make building and designing reports simpler for users. With many new functions being added to its system, some users can miss some of the latest features. 

In this article, we’re sharing some uncommon but very helpful Velixo functions to maximize your solution.  

List Functions 

The List Functions are a set of functions that are designed to do more than just present numbers, they also fulfil an informative purpose. When combined with standard Microsoft Excel™ they produce powerful views for use within reports.  

Expanding the account rage 

The most common of these which is accessed from the Excel ribbon as the “Insert Chart of Accounts” is the “EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE” function. This effectively returns the full chart within a Dynamic Array (the blue border is the outline of the Array). Once inserted, the dynamic array can be used for many things including in a Dropdown selection as shown below. 

Velixo Expand Account Range Function Velixo Expand Account Range Function Droplist

Accessing accounts and subaccounts history 

This function is not very common but extremely useful when assessing data. By typing “ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY” into the function box, you will be able to build dynamic reports by returning sorted groups of accounts for which there is already account history. The use of ranges allows for detailed reports, as opposed to summary reports by Account Class.  

Velixo Accounts & Subaccounts with History Function

Other Useful Functions 

There are many other useful functions within Velixo. With the two functions enumerated below, users will no longer need to use complex coding to get a specific answer.  

Separating values into a list 

The TEXTSPLIT” function takes a delimited list of values and separates the values into a dynamic array list running down the page. A good example is taking a set of values from a CSV file (comma-separated values) and turning them into a dynamic array list to use as part of a report: 

Velixo Text Split Function

Comparing financial periods  

How often do you want to compare periods and ensure that the comparisons change as you change the current period? The FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET” allows you to do just that in your report negating the need for complex programming to make things work with a macro because the periods are held as text and not numbers.

Velixo Financial Period Offset Function

The Velixo Support function accessed from within your Velixo Ribbon has access to all these functions and will prove a source of great knowledge. If you’re worried about learning the functions – DON’T. Excel has introduced “Intellisense” that not only allows you to step through the arguments but also provides the best matches. 

Velixo Support Center Function

Not a Velixo user yet? You may contact the AlphaBiz Solutions team for any questions on the software or if you’d like to integrate Velixo reporting with your ERP system.  


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