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ERP Systems: Solutions for the post-pandemic workplace

When covid-19 completely disrupted the business landscape in 2020, the workforce had no choice but to adapt.

Transitioning to remote working setups, prioritizing and setting up new safety and health policies, searching for alternative ways to provide products and services because of the social distancing and lockdown limitations – these were all things that businesses had to learn.

Now, we’re entering the post-pandemic era and most businesses are opening up and recovering from the effects of covid-19.

While some would assume that things would return to normal, many argue that many of the changes we’ve adopted are here to stay.

According to an article by the World Economic Forum, here are the four things that employees are expecting from their employers in the post-pandemic workplace: work-life balance, flexibility, clear vision, and mental health focus.

The Australia Workplace Survey 2020 by the Gensler Research Institute also revealed that 67% of employees prefer a hybrid work model, working 3-4 days at home during the week.

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the important lessons we learned about employee wellbeing because of covid-19.

But the next question is: how do we apply these lessons now? How can ERP solutions help you meet the demands of the post-pandemic workforce?

ERP systems provide the mobility and flexibility your business needs to adopt a hybrid model.

As a central platform for all your business data that can be accessed anywhere, ERP systems make remote working so simple.

An employee working remotely from home.For cloud ERP systems like MYOB Advanced, all you need is a stable internet connection and you’ll have all the data and tools that you’ll need to finish your tasks.

ERP systems support virtual collaboration.

Communication and collaboration are made easy on a shared platform, ensuring that all business data is visible and accessible to all.

ERP solutions also connect different departments to each other with automatic synchronisation of data when one cog in the business machine moves.

ERP systems empower a digital workforce.

All the processes that were once manual can be digitized and automated with ERP systems.

It also eliminates the limitations of tasks that need in-person interaction, such as approval and signing of documents, and shifts these steps into fully digital processes.

ERP systems streamline all processes, improving employee experience and wellbeing.

With an effective system in place, so much of the worries and stresses of employees are reduced.

An ERP solution can save employees time, effort, and energy and allow them to focus on doing their best work.

So, are you prepared to create the optimal post-pandemic workplace?

AlphaBiz Solutions offers a variety of ERP systems for different kinds of business. These include Sybiz VisionMYOB Advanced, and MYOB Exo.

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