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An ERP system for all types of construction businesses

Group of all types construction workers

There are different types of construction businesses in the building industry – small residential builders, huge developers, and general contractors who take on all kinds of projects.

Although each type of firm may be managed differently, there are similarities among them. So, that’s where MYOB Advanced Construction comes in.

Designed for Australian firms, it offers a range of features to minimize costs, streamline systems and maximize profitability – no matter what your business does.

Types of Construction Businesses

An article by The Constructor shares that there are 8 types of construction firms. This list includes general contractors, owner-builders (home builders), and real estate developers (land developers). For this article, we’re going to talk about these 3 types of construction firms.

General contractors

What are general contractors? General contractors are firms that are in charge of the construction of a project. They’re one of the most common types of construction businesses and they are often hired by developers, homeowners, or construction managers.

General contractors need access to accurate, timely project data to make strategic decisions that will move projects forward.

That being said, this type of business can benefit from these features of MYOB Advanced Construction:

• Accurate, up-to-date project data gives you a true picture of your workload and whether you can take on more projects.
• Reduces manual data entry and duplication, giving your people more time – particularly valuable if you have a small team.


Home building is a closely collaborative process because builders deal directly with homeowners and operate on a smaller scale. As a result, home builders must manage customers, subcontractors, and every aspect of the home building process with ease and complete control.

Here are some of the functions to look out for within the system:

• Smart forecasting lets you quote accurately and maximize profitability on every project.
• Give your workforce remote access at no extra cost, so they can update details and check daily worksite information.

Land developers

Land developers have big budgets and visions because they have the resources to do so. However, because of the large scale of its operations, it’s essential to track your activities, specifications, engineering reports, schedules, and subcontractors.

By doing so, you can minimize your road, water, wastewater, stormwater, electrical, gas, and other infrastructure costs.

So, what ERP features are most important to land developers? MYOB Construction has some must-haves below:

• Take on the right jobs with accurate forecasting tools.
• Manage planned and actual budgets, including hard and soft costs, with built-in budgeting tools.

Learn more about MYOB Advanced Construction

Whatever the size or focus of your construction business, MYOB Advanced Construction can help you do more – more projects, more productivity, more profitability.

Contact the AlphaBiz Solutions team to find out more about this ERP system specially designed for construction businesses. For MYOB Advanced support, MYOB Exo support, and Sybiz Vision support, our ERP consultants are also ready to answer all of your queries.


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