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5 Key ERP Modules for METS Businesses

One of the advantages of today’s ERP system implementation is that businesses can opt for a modular approach. For a company in the mining equipment, technology, and services or METS industry, here are the key ERP modules for your METS Business.

As we’ve often discussed, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system centralizes business information into one database, allowing data to flow into the platform from various departments such as accounting, human resource management, warehouse management and many more.

However, the word “database” does not quite cover how innovative and streamlined ERP technology is. A modern ERP solution is like an ecosystem that connects different aspects of your business to one another. And just like an ecosystem, ERP systems can be grown and expanded.

This can be done through a modular approach to ERP implementation.

Most ERP systems have adopted a modular model that is highly customisable and cost-efficient. Businesses can build the system they want, choosing only the modules that they need and that are within their budget.

In the mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) industry, this trait of ERP systems is particularly helpful.

The METS sector is a large-scale and multi-faceted industry with many cogs in motion. Companies within the industry need solutions that can improve efficiency and productivity across all its moving parts. ERP systems provide a myriad of solutions through their modules and can be easily integrated with other systems.

Because there are many modules to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which ones you’d like to be a part of your system. To help trim down your options and provide you with a baseline of the essentials, we have listed down the five key ERP modules for METS businesses:


A Finance module provides better control over financial management. It also makes tasks such as managing invoices and balances smoother. Finance is an integral part of all industries, including the METS sector, and ensuring that your business has effective processes and systems in place can make all the difference.

Project Costing

Staying on top of projects costs is made easy through this module. Data on people resources and equipment is captured in real-time and managing bills, time, and expenses is more efficient.  Because data is centralized and up-to-date, tracking projects and creating budget forecasts is simpler and more accurate.

Workforce Management

Through this module, METS business can expect seamless workflows and a connected workforce. The workforce management module saves time and reduces errors for tasks such as employee onboarding, rostering, and tracking attendance. Employees are also given better control of their employee information and management of timesheets.

Warehouse Management

Businesses within the METS industry offers everything from machinery, equipment, and a variety of other products that support the mining sector. Warehouse management is a feature that is useful for these types of businesses. This module allows you to efficiently handle your inventory from end to end, covering functions such as fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, and much more.

Customer Relations Management 

METS businesses need a reliable CRM system that will allow them to service the mining industry effectively. The CRM module will help businesses build better customer relationships by simplifying the tasks involved in marketing and sales. These include tasks like segmenting databases, managing content and customer information, nurturing leads, and improving conversions.

There are many more modules and add-on software that you can bolt into your ERP system to fully optimise your operations. If you’d like to know more about how to set up your ideal ERP system, contact the AlphaBiz team.

AlphaBiz Solutions is among the leading ERP solutions provider in Western Australia, we offer business management systems and other technologies that will help you improve your business.

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