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How Employee Self-Service in ERP systems empower a digital workforce

ERP systems and Employee Self-Service Software

During the pandemic and even now as businesses are slowly returning to onsite operations, fostering a digitally-empowered workforce has become a priority for many companies.

After seeing the benefits of working virtually, both employers and employees have a new perspective and appreciation for technologies that we can use to simplify and streamline our work. 

In one of our recent blog posts, we shared how employees are now looking for a complete and connected digital working experience 

A digital solution that contributes to this digital workflow is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.  

What is an ESS portal? 

An Employee Self-Service portal is a platform where the workforce can access, update, and manage their important employee data such as personal records, leaves, and timesheets. 

What employees can do with an ESS solution: 

  • Access and update personal information 
  • View payslips 
  • View year-to-date (YTD) balances 
  • View leave balances and apply for leaves 

What managers can do with an ESS solution: 

  • Review and approve leave requests 
  • Review employee’s leave balances  
  • View team calendar for leave planning and approval 

The power of ESS in ERP systems 

One of the many, many advantages of an ERP system is that they already come with cutting-edge ESS portals. Because the ESS is on the same platform and has the same user interface, it makes for a seamless user experience for employees. Everything can be managed on one page.  

ERP solutions like MYOB Advanced and Sybiz Vision have been constantly developing their ESS technologies to fit the digital habits of the workforce, now also offering ESS applications for mobile-first employees. 

Read more about the MYOB Advanced People ESS system here and watch this video for Sybiz Visipay’s latest update on their ESS portal. 

Now more than ever, employees want to be in better control over their experience at work. According to an article by HR Grapevine, “A significant element of this is that the workforce expects digitalization in the workplace to reflect the consumer digital experience they are so familiar with outside of work.” 

With the technologies of today, the digital lifestyle of individuals is often quick, convenient, and personalised. An ESS portal can give them that same experience, allowing them to handle their HR requirements with speed and ease and eliminating outdated, manual or paper-based processes.  

For queries on how to implement or make the most of the ESS system that comes with your ERP system, you can contact the AlphaBiz team. If you’d like a product walk-through, you may also book a demo here 

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