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Digital Disconnection: Productivity Losses from Siloed Solutions

Nowadays, many businesses experience digital disconnection and the productivity losses that come with it. So, how do we resolve this challenge?

First off, let’s define what digital disconnection in the business context is. Digital disconnection occurs when there is a lack of integration between different software and systems.

In Australia, over a quarter of SMEs use four or more digital solutions for their business. Unfortunately, not all these systems are connected which leads to gaps in workflows.

Okay, now let’s talk about how this affects productivity. When businesses use too many digital solutions, employees’ tasks are often doubled.

For example, staff end up spending more time jumping from one tool to another and managing the information between these systems.

MYOB recently published a report on the effects of digital disconnection on Australian businesses.

In terms of productivity, they interviewed local SMEs and discovered that:

  • 29% of Australian SMEs use four or more different digital tools to manage their business
  • Disconnection issues cost businesses one day a week
  • 9 in 10 businesses are duplicating tasks and wasting valuable time on manual tasks
  • 61% of Australian SMEs have to manually check data is correct or fix it after transferring between systems

How does digital disconnection cause productivity loss?

As mentioned, digital disconnection can cause productivity losses for your business. Below, we share some tasks which cause this productivity drain and keep your workforce from focusing on their most important work.

  • Manually having to input data from one system to another
  • Double-checking data to ensure consistency across systems
  • Handling errors and inconsistencies from incorrect data transfer between systems

Solving digital disconnection with an ERP system

So, how does an ERP system solve digital disconnection? Here are the facts:

An ERP system is a powerful multipurpose software

You can do more for your business with just one solution instead of many different disconnection tools. An ERP system has multiple modules for different business functions such as accounting, payroll, business intelligence, and much more.

An ERP system is a centralized platform

A centralized platform like an ERP system automically syncs your data across different modules. As a result, it reduces the need to re-enter data from one system to the next. Employees also won’t use up extra time consolidating, checking and correcting data between systems.

An ERP system can integrate with third-party software

At times, businesses need specialised third-party solutions for specific purposes. Luckily, there are many add-on solutions that integrate seamlessly with an ERP.

By choosing another digital solution that automically connects to your system, you will not have to worry about importing and exporting data from one to the other.

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