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How cloud-based ERP systems are transforming construction

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Cloud-based business ERP designed specifically for construction businesses can change the game by delivering automation, speed and real-time insights.

Previously, many business owners weren’t even aware that they existed.

However, factors such as COVID, climate change, material shortages, high demands, and rising costs have caused a shift in the industry.

According to a study by MYOB, around 95% of construction firms invested in digital technologies during the pandemic.

In addition, a research by McKinsey & Company shares that “the next normal in construction” will focus on the digitalisation of construction processes and smart technologies.

The same study shared:

“Digital technologies are enabling better collaboration, greater control of the value chain, and a shift toward more data-driven decision making”

So, are you curious to know how technologies can slash your costs and maximise your profits? Find out more below:

The cloud is changing construction for good

Here are three reasons construction companies are making the switch:

  1. Real data in real-time
    Connect users in multiple locations for real-time oversight of every project – and the ability to spot minor issues before they become major headaches.
  2. Less manual work, more accuracy
    Let your platform take over your paperwork, reducing the need for your staff to spend time on repetitive manual tasks.
  3. Transparency, accuracy, happier customers
    Keep clients informed and set realistic expectations from the beginning – data from past projects feed into budgeting tools so you can create accurate quotes and timelines.

Learn more about the potential benefits of a business management platform with our free Technology in Construction Guide.

Discover cloud-based ERP for construction businesses

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